Wang Yinghui

Wang Yinghui (Smith)

 CAREER OBJECTIVE               

To look for a Postdoctoral fellows or further research chance by applying my 22 years teaching and researching experience in China, knowledge and skills gained from my  Graduate Certificate of China Agricultural University PHD, Master of Business Administration (MBA) , and Bachelor Degree in Economics.


Have successfully got the position of Professor in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University in 2015;

Have successfully completed PHD in 2006;

Have been promoted from teaching position to senior position in charge of Public Management Department in 3 years;

Have successfully been in charge of research for 3 projects of Hebei Province in China

Have successfully teached 5 units of Courses for foreign students for 5 years


 Shijiazhuang Tiedao  University

Professor (September 2015–present); Association Professor(September 2006–September 2007)

Beijing Technology and Business , Beijing

Association Professor (July 07–September 2008)

 Shijiazhuang Tiedao  University

Association Professor(September 2006–September 2007)


Conference papers

The Application of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set TOPSIS Method in Employee Performance Appraisal, published by International journal of U-and-E-Service, Science and technology, 2015

The evaluation of the threat from competitors based on fuzzy,Published by Proceedings of international forum on technological innovation and competitive technical intelligence , 2008


The market circulation of rural land and institution innovation,

published by Haerbin University Publishing House,2010

Macroeconomics, published,

Published by China’s market Publishing House, 2004

Microeconomics, published,

Published by China’s market Publishing House, 2004

Property right theory and rural collective property right institution innovation, published by China Economic Publishing House, 2004

Tutor to innovation program

Undergraduates,design of environment and health friendly production and marketing system of instant drinking fresh milk,2014,ranked 1st

Tutor to college students

“survey on Hebei province,”2014, third prize

“Chuang qing chun”entrepreneurship competition, 2014, second prize

Additional relevant (research) experience

Teaching and research about the incubation platform exploration on “entrepreneurship competition” achievement, 2015 ranked 1st

Teaching and research about the rural education strategic transformation of Hebei province, 2009, ranked 1st

Course construction on market development of Angola’s railway construction of China Railway Construction Group Corporation Limited, 2014, ranked 1st