School of International Education/International Office of STDU

School of International Education as the International Office of STDU is the functional and educational department which is responsible for the international cooperation, exchange and education . Its main work includes:

  1. Formulating the strategic development plan for the future international cooperation and exchange , and leading and promoting the further development;
  2. Coordinating the establishment of academic exchange and cooperation mechanism between the key disciplines of our university and well-known foreign universities, maintaining the vitality and strength of our university's synchronous development with the world, and enhancing the international reputation;
  3. Coordinating the foreign affairs of the university, and providing various services for the international academic exchanges;
  4. Being Responsible for the review, filing and application for approval of the staff and students going abroad;
  5. Being Responsible for the invitation, management and service of foreign teachers and experts ;
  6. Handling the formalities of official visits and arranging the reception of important visits;
  7. Selection, coordination and management of international exchange personnel and personnel dispatched from various cooperation projects;
  8. Application for the approval of awarding and hiring of various honorary academic titles from overseas;
  9. Responsible for the centralization and management of the invitation, review and approval procedures for all overseas visitors (including those who attend various short-term classes and international conferences);
  10. Responsible for the approval and record management of international conferences ;
  11. Centralized and managed the cooperation and exchanges with overseas enterprises and institutions;
  12. International cooperation in running schools;
  13. Sending Chinese students as international students or exchange students;
  14. Recruitment, management of international students;
  15. Foreign language training;
  16. International promotion of Chinese language and various long-term and short-term Chinese learning programs.