This Association is named as the Association of STDU Alumni , abbreviated as ASTDUA.

The Association observes the national constitution, laws and regulations and social morals. It inherits and develops the fine tradition of STDU, brings close contacts and cooperation with the alumni both at home and abroad, promotes the development of the all kinds of programs including the cultivation of talents, scientific research, social services and infrastructure development, and expands the influence both at home and overseas. The Association aims to unite and encourage alumni to meditate on the methods to better our alma mater, further the educational reform, improve the educational level, and finally to contribute every effort to the prosperity of our alma mater. It functions as a bridge to facilitate the share of alumni's information and cooperation.


Mr. Zhang Yungang,

Tel: +86-311-87939024 


Address: 17 Northeast, Second Inner Ring, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China 050043

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