by International Students for Insurance Purchase and Claim Settlement

  1. Insurance Purchase 

As required by Article 40 of the ‘Regulations on Administration of the Enrollment and Training of International Students’ (Ordinance No. 42) promulgated by the Ministry of Education, ‘the school shall adopt an all-international-student insurance system. The international student must purchase his insurance according to the relevant state regulations and school rules. The student who is yet to purchase his insurance shall buy his insurance within the time limit. Failure to make insurance purchase as due may result in the refusal of his admission by the school. The enrolled student who has failed to buy his insurance as required will be asked to quit school or be refused to register.’


According to the relevant regulations stipulated by this school, the degree student shall purchase his insurance at his registration when the school term begins. The non-degree student may purchase his insurance in his own country, which is effective in China and which should at least include the accident insurance and the hospitalization insurance. The student should present the original insurance policy or its photocopy, and complete the ‘Declaration of Insurance’ at the time of registration so as to ensure the effectiveness of the insurance during his studies.


Ping An Insurance Company of China provides the two types of insurance: accident insurance and hospitalization insurance for the international student who has failed to make his insurance purchase in his own country. Refer for detailed information to ‘Brief on Comprehensive Insurance Coverage by Ping An Endowment Insurance Co., Ltd. for Foreigners in China’. The insurance premium is RMB1000 per year and RMB500 per half a year.


  1. Insurance Service 

1)When effecting his insurance, the student will be given the ‘Brief on Comprehensive Insurance Coverage by Ping An Endowment Insurance Co., Ltd. for Foreigners in China’, which should be carefully read through. The student may log in the Overseas Studies Insurance Network ( to learn the instructions on the relevant insurance liability and the exemption of insured liability. 

2)When effecting his insurance, the student will be given an insurance card. The student may dial the 24-hour service phone number 400-810-5119 (in both Chinese and English) on the insurance card when under the weather, or in need of medical advice or therapeutic suggestion, or in want of settlement of claims. 

3)For a claim settlement, the student should keep the original vouchers issued by the hospital, and hand them in to the Student Affairs Department together with the other required documents for claim settlement as specified in the ‘Brief on Comprehensive Insurance Coverage by Ping An Endowment Insurance Co., Ltd. for Foreigners in China’, which will then be sent by the Student Affairs Department to the insurance company. The student may also mail them to the insurance company by himself. 

4)In case of payment on account, the student may dial the 24-hour service phone number 400-810-5119 on the insurance card. 

5)The international student may inquire by logging in the Overseas Studies Insurance Network ( to learn more particulars about the insurance.



1)Anamnesis and congenital diseases are liability exempted under the Comprehensive Support Plan for Foreign Nationals in China. Insurance on chronic diseases is not to be extended in the following year. The student who has violated the relevant regulations shall undertake the corresponding legal and economic responsibilities.

2)According to the insurance regulations, the state hospital is the clinic hospital for the international students (except for the international department), and the medical expenses incurred in a general clinic is covered by the insurance plan, which does not include the expenses incurred in a private hospital or in a hospital ward such as special hospital ward, foreign guest ward, senior official ward and VIP ward in a state hospital.

3) The student should make a consultation call (400-810-5119) before visiting a doctor.

4)The insurance does not cover the self-financed portion, and the student should, therefore, make a hospital deposit.

5)Reminder:     Invoices must be in the original, and remember to remind the doctor in an out-patient department or an in-patient department to write or print the medical record.



Insurance Company:  Ping An Endowment Insurance Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch;

Telephone:    400-8105119;

Correspondence Address: China Project Group, 9/F, Ping An Tower,23 Jinrong Ave., Xicheng District, Beijing;

Postal Code: 100033

To ensure the safety and security of international students during their study, long-term international students in China must purchase the Comprehensive Insurance for International Students in China according to the regulations of Chinese Ministry of Education. For students without insurance, the registration will be denied.

There are 2 insurance programmes for foreign students. You can learn about it from the picture. All students of STDU will choose Programme A. The premium is RMB 1000/year.

Students can purchase insurance by logging in on their own.


Procesures of Self-help Insurance Purchasing.doc

Any questions about insurance, please contact:

Robin: Tel.: +86-15130120825

WeChat: Robin9661

Once going to hospital or needing any help with medical care,

Please contact Miss Liu Yongxin, who is in charge of helping students with medical care and collecting the materials required for the insurance.  

Miss Liu Yongxin: Tel: +86-13149413606

WeChat: wxid_3owp2pfee3ou22