Within 24 hours after entering China, the international students need to arrive at the university promptly and check in at the Visa Service Center(School of International Education) to go through accommodation registration at the local police station in time. If any student is unable to complete the check-in in time, please check into a hotel to get the temporary receipt from the hotel.  

Once the passport is renewed or anything changed, the visa is necessary to be updated. The registration of the accommodation must be made again.



Any one , who is checking out from the International Student’s apartment and to stay outside of Shijiazhuang City for more than 24 hours, shall promptly notify the Visa Service Center to cancel the registration of temporary accommodation. And after returning to the school, promptly submit the passport to the Visa Service Center to register the temporary accommodation.


If any international student stays at the accommodation of relative or friend, the host who, accommodate the guest, is responsible to take the passport and house owner’s residence booklet to the local police station for temporary registration within 24 hours.



If the registration of accommodation is not handled or not promptly completed, the Public Security Bureau will issue a Warning or Fine as punishment in accordance with relevant regulations.