STDU students are involved in multiple student organizations and activities, from academic, athletic and social clubs to performance and philanthropic groups. Explore over 60 unique opportunities and find your unique niche on campus. Our community is active, diverse, and committed to making the world a better place. Take a look at the many ways our students make an impact on campus and beyond.


What are your interests? Where do you want to lead? Join your peers in a club or organization that lets you be you and make an impact. Clubs host student-wide events throughout the school year, like concerts, food truck events and the popular STDU. If you want to see a new club on campus, we will help you launch it.


No. International Students Organizations
1 Foreign Student Union
2 Volleyball Association
3 Speech Association
4 Chinese Corner
5 Football Association
6 Badminton Association
7 Table Tennis Association
8 Volunteer Association
9 Cultural Exchange Association
10 Food Culture Club
11 Etiquette Association
12 Outdoor Sports Association
13 Tennis Club
14 Computer enthusiasts Association
15 Performing Stars
16 Film Team
17 FIVE CHESS Association
18 Photographer
19 Tai Chi Association
20 Chinese Kungfu