Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as May evening and autumn festival, is a traditional festival of Chinese. It is popular in China and other East Asian countries. Mid-Autumn Festival began in the Tang Dynasty, popular in the Song Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Together with New Year's Day, it has become famous one of China's major festivals. Influenced by Chinese culture, Mid-autumn festival is also the traditional festival for people in Mid-East and some Southeast Asian countries, especially the local overseas Chinese. Since 2008, Mid-Autumn Festival is listed as national holidays. On May 20, 2006, the State Council approved the festival included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

The Legend of Mid-autumn Festival
The Goddess Chang's Fly to the Moon

In ancient times, there were ten sun in the sky which basked all the plants into death. A hero name Hou Yi had infinite strength decided to save people. He took out a bow and arrow, drew the magical bow and shoot nine sun. And he ordered the only one sun to rise and fall on time so that can provide people a harmony life. The wife of Hou Yi named Chang’e. Except for teaching and hunting, he spent the rest time with his wife. As many people knew Hou Yi’s skill, many of them come to take him as their teacher. However, a man named Peng Meng who lack of sincerity was among Hou Yi’s students.

One day, Hou Yi got a bag of immortal herbs from the Queen of Heaven. But he couldn’t bear to live his beloved wife. So he gave the herb to his wife and required her to put it away. Three days later, Hou Yi and his students went out for hunting except Peng Meng who pretended to be sick. As soon as Hou Yi and his fellows went away, Peng Meng went into the yard with a sword. He warned Chang’e to give him the herb or he would kill her. Chang’e knew that she couldn’t beat Peng Meng, she ate the herb out of panic. As soon as she ate the herb, her body became lighter and she fly into the heaven. As she worried about his husband, Chang’e stayed at moon which is the nearest star near the earth.
At dusk, Hou Yi returned home and he was told what had happened in the day. Hou Yi was scared and terrified and he decided to kill Peng Meng. But Peng Meng already escaped. Hou Yi was so angry that he cried for Chang’e in the dark. At this time, he found that there was a shadow on the moon seemed to be the same with his wife. Hou Yi missed his wife so much that he placed some fruit and candies that Chang’e once loved to eat in their backyard. As the news that Chang’e became the goddess in Heaven was widely spread, common people began to commemorate Chang’e for begging peaceful life. Therefore, the custom of worship the moon spread far and wide.

The Custom of Mid-autumn Festival
Admire the Full Moon
"The Book of rites" has long been documented "autumn twilight eve", meaning the worship of the Moon. To the Zhou Dynasty, during the meet was to be held the autumn worship and winter festival welcome. Set up large incense table, put the moon cake, watermelon, apples, dates, plums, grapes and other offerings. Moon cake and watermelon is definitely should be included and the watermelon must be cut into lotus-shaped. Under the moon, put the moon gods in the direction of Moon and light the cnadle. Each family members should worship the moon in turn. And then the housewives should cut moon cake. Among the minorities,
Tidal Bore Watching
In ancient times, except for eating Moon cake, the tidal bore watching can be described as another event in Mid-Autumn Festival in Zhejiang area. Autumn tide watching has a long history.
Light a lantern
On the night of Mid-autumn Festival, there was the custom of lighting lanterns. Nowadays, there still exists the custom of lighting lanterns on tiles in Hu Nan and Hu Bei. In the southern area of China, there is the custom of making lightship.
Guess Riddles
At autumn full moon night, many lanterns hung in public places. People are gathered together, guess who wrote lantern riddles. Because most of the young men and women are in favor of these activities, it is also known as the activities of love stories. Therefore, guess riddles on mid-autumn night also gives rise to a form of men and women fell in love.
Eat Moon Cake
Admire the moon and eat moon cake is essential practices for the Chinese people on Mid-Autumn Festival. In ancient times, moon cake was just a kind of dessert. Gradually, people began to place their thought of homeland and relatives on moon cake. So moon cake has been a symbol homesickness.
Drink Osmanthus-flavored Wine
People often eat moon cake, admire the osmanthus, and eat a variety kind of food made from osmanthus. At mid-autumn night, drink a cup of osmanthus-flavored wine and eat a piece of moon cake has been an entertainment for most Chinese people.