On June 26th, the Undergraduates Graduation Ceremony of Class 2018 was held in the Grand Auditorium. International students from School of International Education and Chinese graduates altogether attended the ceremony. 47 international students from 16 countries have acquired the bachelor degrees in various fields, including Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Automation, Business Administration.

The university Party Secretary, Prof. Wang Yuesen and the university president, Prof. Yang Shaopu awarded graduation certificates and degree diplomas to graduates, and took photos with them.

Prof. Yang Shaopu said that all the graduates should have high aspirations, be brave to take the initiative, and be devoted to life and dedication. He also expressed the heartfelt congratulations on the successful graduation of international students. He wished them greater success in their future career, study and life and looked forward to seeing the international students becoming a friendly messenger and bridge of communication between China and the world.

Ahad MD Abdul, a student representative from Bangladesh, impressed the audience with his fluent speech delivered in Chinese. He recalled the international students’ gains and growth during the four-year study in STDU, and expressed the gratitude on behalf of all his graduates to the alma mater and teachers. He also called on graduates to make the best of their professional and Chinese language skills, as a new chapter in youth and a new journey in life.